Leadership Team

The leadership team is always seeking new members! Read more below to learn a little bit about what it would be like to join us. Your role and level of involvement can be almost whatever you want it to be! Have questions? Interested in joining? Please email any of us!

About being on the Leadership Team
We don’t have elections or officers. We have lots of ideas, and while we welcome yours, we need folx who are also do-ers. We all have different strengths, and we try to play to those as we set about our work.

Time commitment: We meet every-other week for an hour on a regular schedule, date/time based on when we’re all generally available. Yes, we meet through the summer. We understand things come up, so while we don't expect you to make every single meeting, you should be able to make ¾ of the meetings we have (~20 out of 26 in a year). These meetings are for reviewing past efforts, determining next efforts, and sometimes doing collaborative work. Each of us put in time and effort beyond our regular meetings. How much that amounts to depends on what you choose to take on. The rest is highly flexible! So long as you take on some work, how much you take on is up to you!
Keri Darling headshot

Keri Darling

Program Coordinator, UConn Communication Access and Interpreting Services

Center for Students with Disabilities

Storrs Campus


Michael Invernale headshot

Michael Invernale

Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs

Pansexual cisgender male

Senior Licensing Manager, Physical Sciences

Office of the Vice President for Research

UConn Health (Farmington)
Storrs Campus


UConn alumnus: 2010 (PhD, Chemistry)


Maryann Markowski headshot

Maryann B. Markowski

Pronouns: They/She

Bisexual, genderqueer

Assistant to the Chief of Staff

Office of the President

Storrs Campus


Eddie Papazoni

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Cisgender. Gay. Male.

Student Experience Specialist & Academic Advisor

Undergraduate Programs Office, School of Business

Hartford Campus



Audrey Silva headshot

Audrey Silva

Pronouns: she/her

Director, UConn Communication Access and Interpreting Services

Center for Students with Disabilities

Storrs Campus


James Walker headshot

James Walker

Pronouns: he/him

Student Welfare Specialist

Residential Life

Storrs Campus