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Out @ UConn, UConn Health

Queer UConn Employees is humbled to offer two voluntary and public listings of UConn and UConn Health staff and faculty: the OutList for staff and faculty who self-identify as 2LGBTQIA+, and the AllyList for staff and faculty who are proven supporters of UConn and UConn Health's 2LGBTQIA+ populations.

Bringing your full and true self to campus each day is impactful. Living out signals to others that it is not just okay, but also normal, to be 2LGBTQIA+ and work at UConn and UConn Health. It is vital representation for our students, as well as our fellow staff and faculty.

Individuals on these lists specifically and actively choose to be included, and they represent the diverse spectrum of identities. With this effort, QUE aims to foster awareness, visibility, and an informal network for the queer communities at UConn and UConn Health. These lists provide another example of UConn's and UConn Health's commitments to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

These lists are incomplete, because myriad obstacles can hinder members of our community from safely living as their authentic selves. 2LGBTQIA+ people warrant the same freedom to live openly and safely as cisgender heterosexuals have, and QUE hopes that this list will prompt a reminder of the ongoing disparity.

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